DPW Study

A DPW study was conducted by Consultant Weston and Sampson of the Department of Public Works (DPW) site located on Lewis Street. The study expands upon on previous assessments to:

1) Understand DPW functions and needs; and 

2) Explore, in addition to relocation, opportunities to consolidate or reorganize DPW operations 

Space Needs assessment

Weston and Sampson met with DPW personnel to understand functions and evaluate building space and space needs. To read the report and power point presentations click here

Selection Criteria

Screening criteria was developed by Weston and Sampson to evaluate over 180 properties. Click here to learn more about the site selection/fatal flaws

 Final DPW Report

Understanding DPW functions and space needs, Weston and Sampson applied the site selection criteria on over 180 properties coming up with a short list of possible sites. They then applied a conceptual site plan to the sites that made the short list. Weston and Sampson also provided conceptual design and cost estimates. To read the final report and powerpoint presentation as well as next steps click here.