COA Policies

COA Policies

Winter Weather Policy

If the Lincoln schools are closed due to weather, activities at the COA are cancelled. If the Schools are delayed or close early, it is at the discretion of the COA staff and individual instructors whether a particular activity will be held. Every effort will be made to reschedule classes and presentations that are cancelled due to bad weather.

Behavior Policy

In order to promote good order and achieve a congenial atmosphere in the operation of the Council on Aging (COA) programs, the following rules are hereby established. They will apply to all persons visiting the COA, participating in activities sponsored by the Council on Aging, or while accepting any COA service.

Each person is expected to conduct him/herself in a courteous and cooperative manner. Behavior which infringes on the rights of others to enjoy the activities and services of the COA will not be tolerated.

Failing to adhere to the stated policies after appropriate warning will be sufficient grounds for such action as deemed necessary by the COA Board and the COA Director, or his/her designated assistant, up to and including suspension from the senior center either for a designated time or permanently.

It is the responsibility of the Council on Aging Director, or his/her designated assistant, to enforce the above stated policies.

Transportation Policy

The Lincoln Council on Aging (COA) provides free transportation to medical and other appointments, local shopping (e.g. Lincoln Mall), and COA activities through volunteer drivers (LINC) and taxis Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.

  • LINC transportation is intended for those who have no other means of transportation. Those who can drive themselves, are eligible for the Ride, or who have family or friends who can drive them should use these resources before asking for a ride from LINC. If you need help applying for the Ride, please call Abigail or Susan at the COA at 781-259-8811.
  • All COA transportation is free. Council on Aging taxi rides are supported by funds from the Friends of the Lincoln COA. Donations are gratefully accepted.
  • To arrange for a ride, please call Lincoln Concord Coach at 781-259-8722. We are not able to make ride reservations at the COA.
  • Please call to schedule your ride at least three business days in advance, but not more than one month in advance.
  • The only exception to the ride scheduling guidelines is in the event of an extreme medical emergency that requires urgent attention. Our ability to provide rides even under these circumstances is very limited.
  • COA capacity to provide rides is very limited. Essential destinations (e.g. doctor appointments, food shopping, etc.) take priority of over non-essential destinations (e.g. hair dresser, volunteer opportunities, etc.).
  • All riders must abide the COA Behavior Policy while accepting COA services.
  • If you have questions about LINC or our ability to provide a particular ride, please call the COA at 781-259-8811 and speak only to Carolyn.

Scholarship Program Policy

The Lincoln Council on Aging’s (COA) Scholarship Program is available to seniors who otherwise could not afford to participate in a COA activity, trip, program, event, or class. Applicants must be able to demonstrate the need for financial assistance either by participation in one of the means based programs listed in the application or by the description of any extraordinary financial obligations, medical hardship, and/or lack of income (e.g. 250% Federal Poverty Level or below). The COA reserves the right to request supporting documentation that describes proof of need.

The Scholarship Program will consider up to two applications per person, per fiscal year with only one request per application, not exceeding $300 granted to any individual person per fiscal year.

Applicants must be 60 years old or older and a Lincoln resident or a regular Lincoln COA participant (attendance documented in MySeniorCenter database) if from another community.

Applicant will furnish evidence of age, address, or income if requested.

Political Campaigning Policy

As per the Lincoln Council on Aging Board of Directors’ policy below, we ask candidates for public office to please refrain from campaigning at Council on Aging (COA) events or in Council on Aging space during operating hours.

 In accordance with MGL, Chapter 55 and long-standing COA tradition, political campaigning, as defined by MGL Chapter 55 (including fundraising, asking for votes, and display or distribution of political campaign literature, among other activities fitting the Chapter 55 definition), is not to take place in Council on Aging space during our hours of operation or at Council on Aging events at other sites or at other times. Obviously, this is not meant to restrict anyone who happens to be a candidate or supporters from accessing COA programs and services when their visit does not relate to their political activities or normal discussion of current events that may happen among Lincoln residents coming for COA programs and services.

Dog Policy

There are those who come to the Lincoln Council on Aging with dog allergies, including those that are potentially life-threatening. So, unfortunately, we need to ask everyone to please leave their dogs, except for service dogs, at home. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.

Podiatry Clinic Policy

Due to the demand for podiatry clinics, Lincoln residents will have priority for signing up for clinic appointments.  Non-residents may be placed on a non-resident waiting list and will be called the day before the clinic should clinic slots be available that have not been taken by Lincoln residents. Note: A resident is one who sleeps here in town, i.e., according to their mailing address.