Boards & Commissions

  1. Agricultural Commission

    Learn about the Agricultural Commission and their meetings, members, and minutes.

  2. Board of Assessors

    View the meeting times, minutes, and members of the Board of Assessors.

  3. Board of Health

    Find out about the Board of Health.

  4. Board of Selectmen

    Gain information about the Board of Selectman and its members, meetings, and minutes.

  5. Cable Advisory Committee

    Discover what the Cable Advisory Committee does and meet the members.

  6. Campus Master Planning Committee

    Campus Master Planning Committee

  7. Capital Planning Committee

    Read and learn about the Capital Planning Committee.

  8. Cemetery Commission

    Obtain information about the Cemetery Commission and read their mission statement.

  9. Commission on Disabilities

    Learn about what the Commission on Disabilities is doing for your community.

  10. Commissioners of Trust Funds

    Discover information about the Commissioners of Trust Funds.

  11. Community Center Study Committee

    Community Center Study Committee

  12. Community Preservation Committee

    Get information about the committees tasks and responsibilities.

  13. Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee

    Explore the comprehensive plans the committee is implementing.

  14. Comprehensive Long Range Plan Committee

    Read about the Comprehensive Long Range Plan Committee.

  15. Council on Aging

    Programs and Services of the Lincoln Council on Aging.

  16. Cultural Council

    Learn about the exciting things the Cultural Council is doing in Lincoln.

  17. Cycling Safety Advisory Committee

  18. Economic Development Advisory Committee

  19. Finance Committee

    View the functions of the Finance Committee.

  20. Green Energy Committee

    Obtain information about the Green Energy Technology Committee.

  21. Hanscom Area Towns Committee

    Read about HATS and their programs.

  22. Healthy Communities Lincoln

    The Healthy Communities Committee, comprised of town residents and employees, was formed to oversee a number of physical, mental, social and spiritual health health initiatives.

  23. High School Study Committee

    Visit the High School Study Committee website.

  24. Historical Commission

    Obtain information about the Historical Commission.

  25. Housing Commission

    Read about our mission.

  26. Landfill Solar Steering Committee

    Landfill Solar Steering Committee

  27. Leaf Blower Study Group

    Leaf Blower Study Group

  28. Library Trustees

    Learn about the Library Trustees.

  29. Lincoln Scholarship Committee

    Lincoln Scholarship Committee

  30. Lincoln School Committee

    Get information about the Lincoln School Committee.

  31. LSRHS School Committee

    View the LSRHS School Committee page.

  32. Parks & Recreation Committee

    Discover the exciting things we are doing in Lincoln.

  33. Personnel Board

    Read about the responsibilities of the Personnel Board.

  34. Pierce House Committee

    Pierce House Committee

  35. Planning Board

    Discover the services we provide, and the duties we perform.

  36. Planning & Preliminary Design Committee (PPDC)

  37. Recycling Committee

    Visit our page and learn about our programs.

  38. Roadway & Traffic Committee

    Learn about the Roadway & Traffic Committee.

  39. Tick Task Force

    Educate yourself about ticks, lime disease, and what we are doing to control both.

  40. ToBASCO

    Find out information about our responsibilities and functions.

  41. Town Office Design Subcommittee

    Visit the Town Office Design Subcommittee page.

  42. Town Offices Building & Study Committee

    Read about the Town Offices Building and Study Committee.

  43. Vocational Education Options Working Group

    Vocational Education Options Working Group

  44. Water Commissioners

    View the Water Commissioners page.

  45. Wetlands Permitting

    Gain information about wetlands permitting with the Lincoln Conservation Commission.

  46. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Obtain information about the Zoning Board of Appeals.