Cemetery Commission

Mission Statement

The Cemetery Commission's mission is to provide:
  • Adequate space for the town’s burial needs
  • Maintenance in perpetuity of the grounds and monuments in all four of the town’s cemeteries
  • Regulations that promote good order and respectful conduct
  • Accurate records of those buried there
  • Reliable assistance to Lincoln families in the burial of their dead
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The Cemetery Commission oversees the town's four public cemeteries:
  • The Precinct Burial Ground, the oldest, is located in the southeast corner of the Lexington Road Cemetery.
  • The Town Hill Cemetery, formerly known as the Meeting House Burial Ground, is located behind Bemis Hall.
  • The Arborvitae Cemetery is located at the corner of Trapelo and Lexington Roads.
  • The Lexington Road Cemetery is currently the only active cemetery, with lots available for purchase by Lincoln residents only.

Perpetual Care at the Lincoln Cemeteries: A Timeline

FY 2006 ongoing
The Commission commits $60,000 to expanding the Lexington Road Cemetery with creation of the Juniper Way area. The work includes conceptual design; tree and brush removal; roadway excavation; water line installation; road construction; grading and seeding; weed suppression and re-seeding; surveying lots; setting markers; initial lot sales, January 2012 and ongoing.
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FY 2008
The Commission underwrites, with mostly private funds, the restoration, by the firm of Ivan Myjer, of the historic Lawrence Monument at the Meeting House Cemetery.
Timeline Arrow.pngFY 2009
Road names are adopted and a billboard style cemetery road map installed at Lexington Road.
The Trapelo Road end of the Arbor vitae cemetery stone wall is repaired.The work is performed by Brett Ramsden.
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FY 2010 – FY 2011
The highly regarded Concord monument conservation firm of Fannin/Lehner completes an assessment of the markers in all four of the Town’s public cemeteries.
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FY 2011
After thorough review of its resources, the Commission establishes a part-time Cemetery Caretaker position offset by an annual contribution from cemetery trust funds. Steve Bicheler serves in this position April 2011 – Jan 2012; Joey Cotoni is hired in May 2013.
Timeline Arrow.pngFY 2012
The Commission is awarded grants from the Community Preservation and Capital Planning accounts to undertake monument conservation work at the Arbor Vitae Cemetery. The work is performed by TaMara Conde of Historic Gravestone Services of New Salem, MA.
Timeline Arrow.pngFY 2014
Emergency repairs to certain Meeting House Cemetery monuments are completed in July and August 2013.
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FY 2015
The Commission is awarded a Community Preservation grant for repair of a portion of the historic stacked stone wall surrounding the Arbor Vitae Cemetery. The work is performed by John Bordman, Inc. of Concord, MA.
The Commission initiates a commitment to more sustainable lawn care practices, amending its mowing contract with Vanaria, Inc. to reduce the frequency of lawn mowing during the waning days of the season.
Led by Eagle Scout candidate, Jake Fox, Boy Scout troop #127 completes additional monument conservation at the Meeting House Cemetery under the expert, and generously donated, supervision of Ta Mara Conde.
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FY 2016
Town Meeting endorses the withdrawal of $100,000 from Cemetery trust funds to make certain improvements to the Lexington Road Cemetery, including plans to erect on-site electrified shed to support eventual low emission re-chargeable maintenance equipment.

Commission Members - 2015

  • Manley Boyce, Member
  • Susan Harding, Member
  • Rob Todd, Chair
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All the Lincoln cemeteries are open to the public for respectful use during daylight hours.

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