Stormwater Management Bylaw and Rules and Regulations
A Public Hearing to review and adopt Stormwater Management Rules and Regulations for the Stormwater Management General Bylaw will take place at the July 27, 2021 Planning Board Virtual Meeting.

The Stormwater Management General Bylaw was adopted at the May 15, 2021 Town Meeting and is available here.

The Stormwater Management Rules and Regulations are available here and were adopted at the July 27th Planning Board Meeting.

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Service Description

The Planning Department staff acts as a central point of contact for land use projects that may need review by more than one board and can advise project proponents on the applicable rules, procedures and scheduling. The Land Use Permitting Guide outlines the responsibilities of several town boards and departments.

From time to time the Planning Board and its staff are involved in providing a town response to major projects or land use changes which are not directly under the Town's control. Examples are liaison and advocacy in relation to Route 2 upgrades and changes at the Hanscom Air Force Base and Civil Air Terminal.

Land Use Permitting Guide and Helpful Documents Regarding Site Plan Review

Planning Board Fee Schedule


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Zoning Maps

Zoning, General Bylaws and Subdivision Rules and Regulations

Copies of both are available by clicking here or in hard copy at the Town Clerk's office.

Water Ban and Water Restriction Policy

The normal water restriction policy, as dictated by the DEP Water Management Act permit, goes in effect from May 1st to September 30th each year. The normal restrictions limits outdoor watering to twice per week and only allows for the installation of new lawns in May and September (i.e. no new lawns June, July and August).