Cultural & Historical Resources & Governance


  • Peter Sugar, Chair
  • Paul Giese, Member
  • Sarah Cannon-Holden, Selectman, Steering Committee member
  • Mark Hochman, Member
  • Susan Brooks, Town Clerk
  • Harriet Todd, Member
  • Karen Keane, Member
  • Dan Elias, Member
  • Bill Stason, Member
  • Jack Maclean, Historian

About the Cultural & Historical Resources & Governance Subcommittee

The purpose of the Cultural and Historic Resources branch of this subcommittee is to identify both Lincoln’s physical and intangible cultural and historic resources and services. It will identify areas in which a change in emphasis may be appropriate; where more coordination among town entities is advisable; and where new resources and/or services are justified. Consideration should be given to the character and feel of the town, and to qualities that we want to preserve even as change occurs.

The purpose of the Governance branch of this sub-committee is to identify the current manner in which policy decisions are made; the trends in which revenue is raised and spent; the approach for financial planning; and the efforts to nurture citizen participation in town affairs. It will also examine the interaction among and between town boards with attention to cross-jurisdictional issues and the mechanism for keeping lines of communication open. Consideration should be given to alternatives to the property tax, to expansion of the tax base through targeted commercial development and to the need to develop a pool of volunteers ready to assume responsibility for various levels of leadership in the town. It may also wish to consider ways in which to use the cable TV station and other media to reach out to the community in a variety of ways.


  • Explore various models for governance
  • Identify areas of citizen involvement
  • Identify alternatives for the ownership of utilities
  • Assess of historic preservation measures
  • Inventory cultural facilities, programs and public