Tour of Bemis Hall

The Lincoln Council on Aging is in historic Bemis Hall, built in 1892 to house Lincoln Town Offices as well as a majestic hall on the second floor for lectures, performances, and other community events. Today, it is used during the day by the Lincoln Council on Aging and the upstairs hall is available for rentals on evenings and weekends. Numerous community groups and Town departments hold functions at Bemis Hall.

During the day, Bemis Hall is busy with the activities and services of the Lincoln Council on Aging.

P1010007.JPGWhen you enter, you will find yourself in the lobby, where our helpful and friendly volunteer Office Assistants will direct you and answer your questions! They will help you sign up for classes and events, show you how to get around Bemis Hall, and welcome you warmly!

If you would like to speak with Carolyn or Pam, you will find their offices right off the lobby. They are always happy to stop and talk to you about programs and services of the Council on Aging, questions or concerns, your in-home care needs or those of relatives, and your ideas for what you would like to see at the Council on Aging.

living roomPast their offices is the “Living Room” where Pam holds her discussion groups and other meetings take place. Pam’s groups are a great way to connect with others and get the information and support you need to enjoy your life. We also hold meetings and small classes in this room.

map roomThe “Map Room” is where we hold many presentations as well as Mah Jongg and other activities. It is also where Lincoln Artists exhibit their work each month. One of our most popular programs are our movies, including just-released, classics, and foreign films. Come down and look at the art and enjoy a program!

upstairs hallThe lecture hall is where we have the acclaimed Lincoln Academy each Monday afternoon when Lincoln residents speak on a wide array of topics. We also have our exercise and Tai Chi classes as well as other programs and performances here. The lecture hall is available for rent on evenings and weekends.