New Off Road Path Rte. 117 to Mt. Misery

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Route 117 to Mt. Misery Overflow Parking Lot – New Path​​
​This project will install approximately 450' of a shared use path to fulfill a vital missing gap in our trail network system. It will run along the north side of South Great Road (State Route 117) at Lee’s Bridge (the Concord Line) to the east to the Overflow Parking Lot for Mount Misery, a very popular destination for people throughout the region. This lot offers direct access for paddlers using the Sudbury River and to the local trail system. The Bay Circuit Trail intersects here. This will complete an important link within the network for both bicyclists and walkers. Currently these trail users that cross the bridge need to be on the travelled roadway with essentially no shoulder or on an unimproved grass field with an uneven surface. Filling this missing link was identified as a goal in our Complete Streets Public Forums and is identified as a high priority in the MAPC Local Access Score as it connects densely populated areas with local destinations, and provides biking and walking access to schools. This project meets goals identified in the Town’s Master Plan, Open Space and Recreation Plan, and Lincoln’s Complete Streets Program Public Forums. It is located at one of the “Gateways” into Lincoln. ​​Future plans will be to make improvements on this pathway all the way to Lincoln Station and the along the “Spine” of Lincoln, that connects Lincoln Station to the Public Schools, then to the Historic Town Center, and ultimately to the new athletic field being constructed just south of Route 2 (the Wang Land Project). ​​Currently there is a sidewalk on the north side of Lee’s Bridge and it connects to the east into Lincoln. After leaving the bridge the pathway is comprised of a section of compacted stone dust located between the curb and guardrail. The proposed new pathway would start where the guardrail and current path terminate. At this location it enters the Canoe Landing conservation land which is a scenic field licensed for agricultural use. This work includes all incidental labor, material, and equipment necessary to complete the following, but not limited to, include removal of old broken wood guardrail, removal of accumulated sand and debris, grading, new section of retaining wall, landscaping, new split rail fencing to separate the pathway from the road shoulder and construction of a new shared use path, improvement of a shared use path, and new sidewalk.

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