Marijuana Study Committee

Marijuana Public Hearing
September 25th, 7:00 p.m., Town Offices

The Planning Board will be conducting a public hearing on Tuesday evening, September 25th, 7:00 p.m. at Town Offices for the purpose of reviewing two marijuana-related bylaw proposals that will be voted on during our October 20th Special Town Meeting. The first of the two bylaws proposes to extend the existing recreational marijuana moratorium from November of this year until June of next year, to provide the Town the time it needs to complete public education and outreach, to develop alternative bylaw proposals and to schedule the required town meetings and election. The second bylaw asks the Town to consider enacting a ban on all forms of commercial recreational marijuana, including cultivation, retail sales, manufacturing and testing. The vote on the proposed full ban will occur first because 1) the results of our survey indicate that a strong majority favors a full ban 2) in the event the full ban fails to achieve the required 2/3 vote, we will have time to prepare partial ban alternative bylaws for a vote in March 3) a total ban could be reversed by a future vote of town meeting, and 4) operating under a full ban would provide time to learn from the experience of other communities. Before voting on the full ban during the October 20th Special Town Meeting, voters will hear a presentation from the Marijuana Study Committee that explains the law and the pros and cons of the various options.

We urge interested citizens to attend the public hearing, to hear a presentation from the Selectmen’s Marijuana Study Committee which has been studying the issues for several months.

James Craig, Chairperson
Selectmen’s Marijuana Study Committee

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Marijuana Law Study Committee

The Board anticipates forming a Committee to help us understand the new state law that legalized the cultivation, personal use and retail sale of recreational marijuana throughout the Commonwealth, to assess its implications for Lincoln, and to make recommendations regarding potential policies, bylaws and regulations that may be desired and/or required to protect the Town’s interests.   To learn more about the work of this Committee, please contact the Town Administrator, Timothy S. Higgins (781 259-2604 or,   To apply, please submit a letter of interest to our office, Peggy Elder, Administrative Assistant (  We will be accepting applications until November 30th.  Thank you.

Jonathan Dwyer, Chair
James Craig
Jennifer Glass

Board of Selectmen

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