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Lincoln Police Department
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The Lincoln Police Department is primarily responsible for all law enforcement activities within the Town of Lincoln, Massachusetts. The Lincoln Police Department also provides assistance to the Hanscom Air Force Base Security Forces, especially when dealing with their civilian population.

The Lincoln Police Department maintains coverage 24 hours a day and houses the Town of Lincoln Emergency Communication Center, which also dispatches the Lincoln Fire Department.

Service Calls, Citations & Charges
The Lincoln Police Department responds to approximately 8,500 service calls per year within the Town of Lincoln and Hanscom Air Force Base. The Police Department issues approximately 2,500 traffic enforcement citations per year. Additionally, the Police Department charges approximately 250 people with criminal offenses. Half of those offenders are arrested, and the other half are summonsed into court.

Police Department Staff
The Police Department has 19 full-time employees, which include a chief of police, one lieutenant, three sergeants, one detective, seven police officers, five public safety dispatchers, and one secretary.

Patrol Division
The Patrol Division is broken up into three, eight-hour shifts. The Patrol Division is comprised of three sergeants and seven police officers under the supervision of the lieutenant. Each police officer and/or sergeant is assigned a patrol area of town called a sector. It is their responsibility to handle all calls for service and make incident reports in their sector. Officers also conduct all of the traffic enforcement, building checks, and assist other officers as needed.

Detective Division
The Detective Division is staffed by one detective and the lieutenant and serves as the investigative arm of the department. It is the mission of the Detective Division to conduct follow-up investigations of crimes initially investigated by patrol officers and to perform full investigations of serious felonies, such as burglaries, fraud, sexual assaults, and drug violations. The Detective Division also is the department's liaison with the Concord District Court and Middlesex Superior Court for criminal cases and civil violations.  

The Detective Division also provides support services to the Patrol Division. Examples of these services include latent print processing, photography, interview assistance, and composite sketches of suspects.