2023 State of the Town Meeting/Community Charette

Scroll down to find links to materials from State of the Town! (and some additional opportunities to provide feedback, whether or not you were able to attend)

Topics at State of the Town Meeting on September 30, 2023

State of the Town Information

The 2023 State of the Town Meeting
will be held Saturday September 30, 2023
from 10:00AM - 3:00 PM in the Lincoln School

SOTT Edition of Select Board Newsletter

Whether you are new to Lincoln or a long-time resident, your participation and engagement in our Town are vital to shaping the future of our community. We are excited to announce that this year's State of the Town (SOTT) has an updated format that will allow residents more flexibility in how they learn about the four big topics currently under discussion in town. Please visit the websites of the each initiative to learn more:

During SOTT you will be able to pick and choose among the four different topics and grab key information, and YOU will have the chance to weigh in and shape policy.  This is a pivotal time for Lincoln, and the decisions we make in the next year will have a significant impact on the future of our town. Please join us!

Want to get an overview of the Town's finances? The Finance Committee met on September 18th, and the agenda included an update on the Town's debt limit and estimates of the potential tax impact of borrowing for a project such as the Community Center. 

  • Slides providing an overview are here
  • A recorded presentation is available here
  • Visit the Finance Committee page for more information


  • Four (4) identical sessions, each lasting 45 minutes
  • Participants will be able to rotate through all four before ending at 3:00pm
  • Residents may also pick and choose which sessions to attend if unable to take part in all four
  • Each session will include a short presentation, smaller group activities, and feedback tools
  • Key information about each topic will be available for pick-up


  • 10:00am - 10:45am:  Session 1
  • 11:00am - 11:45am:  Session 2
  • 11:45am - 1:00pm:  COMMUNITY LUNCH! - Bring your own or lunches available for purchase thanks to the Twisted Tree. $20 CASH ONLY, please. (Click here for the menu)
  • 1:15pm - 2:00pm:  Session 3
  • 2:15pm - 3:00pm:  Session 4
  • Inflatable obstacle courses for kids aged 3 – 12 to enjoy (with parent supervision)!

Map showing where each SOTT topic will be held.Map shows entrance that will be open and parking areas.


Town of Lincoln Vision Statement

Lincoln is a town that cherishes its rural, agricultural character, its small-town heritage its open space, and its historical legacy. The Town is committed to:

  • Achieving a balance between preserving these values while making reasonable provision for citizens' safety and convenience;

  • Fostering economic, racial, ethnic, and age diversity among it's citizenry through its educational, housing, and other public policy;

  • Excellence in its public educational system, and;

  • The Town Meeting form of government and the traditions of civic leadership and  volunteer public service.