Town Clerk

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Welcome to the Town Clerk’s Home Page. If you’ve ever required a copy of your child’s birth certificate, or wanted to know the hours of operation for the town “dump,” or decided it’s time to register to vote, you already know who we are andValerie Fox where to find us. The office is staffed by three full-time (the Town Clerk Deputy Town Clerk, and Assistant Town Clerk) professionals. The position of Town Clerk is one of the oldest in municipal government, the founders of the Bay Colony clearly having understood that the promises of a municipality, like any other party, are only as good as the paper on which they’re written. The Town Clerk is the official keeper of town records, attesting by her signature and application of the Town Seal to the authenticity of everything from Town Meeting appropriations to the finality of Planning and Zoning Board decisions.

The Town Clerk serves also as the administrator of elections, the conductor of the annual town census, the chief registrar of voters, the registrar of vital records, and the local liaison in respect to campaign finance, open meeting and conflict of interest laws. The office is responsible for the licensing of dogs and the issuance of marriage licenses. It administers the oath of office to newly elected and appointed officials and maintains a permanent ledger of their service. And in Lincoln, the Clerk serves as the town’s Cemetery Agent, overseeing the operations and maintenance of the four public cemeteries and providing assistance to families in the burial of their dead.

The Lincoln Town Clerk’s position is an elected one, and the term of office is three years. Its status makes Lincoln one of two hundred and thirty-three communities in the Commonwealth in which the position remains an elected one rather than a Selectmen’s appointment.

The Town Clerk’s office is the information hub for the Town of Lincoln, providing research, retrieval and documentation assistance to residents, other municipal departments, and local, state and federal agencies. To learn more about the many and various functions of the office, please click on one of the service categories in left hand Menu.