Veterans' Services

Mission Statement

The veterans’ services officer (VSO) is an advocate for Lincoln’s veterans and their dependents. The VSO assists veterans with questions they have about their state and federal military benefits and helps them apply for those benefits. These can include emergency financial or medical assistance programs for veterans in need, educational benefits, real estate tax abatement, employment and training opportunities, burial information, and innumerable other benefits.

For assistance with veterans benefits and other related issues, contact Priscilla Leach at (781) 259-4472 or

For more information about social and educational programming or special projects, contact Jim Hogan at (781) 259-8811 or

The Town of Lincoln also offers a Veterans Tax Work-Off Program through which veterans may work for the Town for 125 hours in a variety of capacities and receive $1,000 off their taxes. For more information on this program, contact the Council on Aging at (781) 259-8811.