Water Department

Flint Ponds Fluctuation Level

Twice per Week Water Restriction Revision

The 2-day per week watering schedule has been modified to spread out the irrigation schedule over the entire week. The new schedule is based on the last number of the house address and is as follows;

Even number = Tuesday and/or Saturday

Odd number = Wednesday and/or Sunday

Click here for complete detail on the Mandatory Outdoor Water Restriction

If you have any questions, please contact Water Department Superintendent MaryBeth Wiser at 781-259-1329.

Click here for the Drought Managment Plan


It is the mission of the Lincoln Water Department to provide our  customers with a safe drinking water supply, water for fire protection,  and an adequate supply of water for our essential daily needs. The  department strives to supply high quality water to its customers that  meets or exceeds all federal, state, and local requirements. This is  accomplished, in part, by maintaining the Flint's Pond watershed and the  Tower Road well groundwater recharge area. Our goal is to produce and  distribute our product in the most efficient way, while maintaining and  upgrading the system to meet future requirements.