Lincoln Self Defense

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Lincoln Self Defense combines traditional women’s self-defense models and police defense tactics to provide participants with realistic, instinct-based, and effective strategies for countering an attack regardless of size or physical strength. The purpose is not to learn to stay and fight an attacker, but to reestablish safety as quickly as possible by creating an opportunity to escape and get help.

Course logistics:

The course is taught in two three-hour blocks.

The first day participants are introduced to and practice both verbal and physical defensive techniques. Since attacks are not identical, the goal is to give the participants options and ideas for dealing with a wide range of situations. There is also an educational component focused on general safety. The class is designed to adapt to each group’s particular interests and concerns, and questions are encouraged.

On the final day, participants take part in a number of escalating attack simulations where they are verbally and/or physically “assaulted” by an officer in a padded suit. The purpose of simulations is two-fold. First, they allow participants to practice escaping by using the techniques they learned the first day. Second, and just as importantly, they help participants recognize their own instincts, and how these can be harnessed in the event of an attack.


Sergeant Jon Wentworth leads the Self Defense program. Sergeant Wentworth, Detective Spencer, Officer Stewart serve as instructors for the program.

Supportive Environment

While Self-Defense classes are incredibly empowering, they can also be emotionally difficult, especially for those who have experienced or witnessed physical or sexual assaults.
Our instructors work to create a fun, safe, and relaxed environment where all students are able to participate comfortably. In addition, a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Advocate is present both as a resource, and to further support participants.


During the year we run a variety of classes for different populations.

  • Women
  • Teens
  • COA/ The Commons
  • Special Requests from various groups/organizations (e.g. teachers; town employees)
Classes are free, but you must pre-register. Please contact the police department with any questions.

These classes are offered free to Lincoln residents in collaboration with the Domestic Violence Services Network and are funded by the generosity of the Ogden Codman Trust and Domestic Violence Services Network. Taxes are not used to fund this initiative.