Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed – Town Government Committees

The Town of Lincoln depends on its citizen volunteers to work with one another on town-wide issues and to help shape community character.  The Select Board is seeking interested volunteers for the following Select Board appointed committees: Affordable Housing Trust, Agriculture Commission, Capital Planning Committee, Lincoln Cultural Commission, Pierce Property Committee, IDEA (Inclusion, Equity, Diversity, and Anti-Racism) Initiative, and the Roadside and Traffic Committee. For information or an application, please contact Peggy Elder at elderp@lincolntown.org or 781-259-2601.


Want to help with maintaining affordable housing in Lincoln?

Read below to find out about The Lincoln Foundation and what you can do to help.

"THE LINCOLN FOUNDATION, INC.  founded on March 29,2000

“The purposes of the corporation is to engage in the following activities:

To contribute to the preservation of a diverse stock of housing in the Town of Lincoln, to promote and develop affordable housing opportunities in the town, to cooperate with governmental agencies and private charitable organizations to preserve open space and protect the environment while increasing the availability of housing opportunities in the town for persons of limited financial means, to enhance the quality of life and community in the town, to preserve the essential values and characteristics of the Town’s rural heritage …”

At this point in time Lincoln has created two entities in addition to The Lincoln Foundation to support the creation and retention of affordable housing in Lincoln: The Housing Commission, The Affordable Housing Trust, and is able to make use of CPA funds to create and preserve affordable housing in Lincoln. 

Currently, The Lincoln Foundations’ primary activity is to shepard the resale process of the affordable condominium units at Battle Road Farm and to make necessary decisions about resale price and deed restrictions in keeping with Massachusetts affordable housing guidelines. There is no fundraising required of board members.

We are looking for new members to join the board of The Lincoln Foundation as our numbers have dwindled do to attrition. We meet about 3 times a year. Helpful knowledge and skills for a board member could include: knowledge of current Massachusetts affordable housing laws, affordable housing deed restrictions, condo sales, ability to work with other town boards and commissions. However, the most important criteria is someone who wants to help keep the affordable condo units in Lincoln’s affordable housing stock.

Current LF boards members: Vicki Braithwaite, chair, Jack Holbrook, Terri Morgan
Past board member: Peter VonMertens

If you are interested in finding out more about The Lincoln Foundation and possibly helping with our efforts, please call or email Terri Morgan: 978-505-2049 (cell), territmorgan@gmail.com