Emergency Management

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Here you will find information on:

  • Who the Emergency Management Agency is.
  • The types of emergencies the Emergency Management Agency would respond to.
  • How to report an emergency.
  • The fundamentals of creating a good emergency plan.
  • Helpful things to remember during a major emergency
  • Helpful links and phone numbers.

How is Lincoln prepared to respond to an emergency?

Lincoln's federally mandated Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and Emergency Management Agency (EMA) have been working to put together a plan that would be used in the event of a major emergency.

In 2002 the LEPC put together a plan that would soon become known as the Community Action Plan. The primary objective of the Community Action Plan or CAP is to build on the partnership between emergency first responders, support staff, Lincoln residents and staff of the local business community. The philosophy behind the Community Action Plan (CAP) is to acknowledge that we all live or work in the town of Lincoln and are obligated to do everything we can to help minimize the risk during an emergency.

With the Community Action Plan in place it was not long after that Lincoln's Local Emergency Planning Committee adopted the federal governments CERT Program or Citizen Emergency Response Team. The theory behind CERT is to train volunteers to work side by side with emergency services in the time of an emergency.

In Lincoln, the Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) would be used during extraordinary emergencies whereas all emergency services including mutual aid have been exhausted.

Who is the Emergency Management Agency?

The Emergency Management Agency is a combined and collaborative effort between the Lincoln Police and Fire Department, Local, State and Federal Agencies as well as members of the community.

What types of emergencies would the Emergency Management Agency be be activated for?

Emergencies may include:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Pandemic
  • Chemical Spill
  • Terrorist Attack
  • Fires
  • Lost Child

The fundamentals of creating a good emergency plan.

  • A well put together emergency plan easy to read, clear and flexible.
  • It should include pets, out of state contact information, meeting place, evacuation plan and how to shelter in place.
  • If you are on the road what you should know and do.
  • Supplies that you should have readily available.
  • The plan should include directly family including the elderly.

How to report an emergency.

DIAL 911 and provide the call taker with the nature of the emergency you are reporting, the location of the emergency and your name and phone number in the event you get disconnected.

Things to keep in mind during a major emergency

  • DO NOT CALL 911 unless people's lives are in danger.
  • If out of state, make sure everyone knows your contact information.
  • If the power goes out cordless phones are not going to work.
  • Lincoln's phone lines are connected to an Enhanced 911 System that will provide the call taker with the origin or address of the call.

Helpful Links & Phone Numbers

Emergency: Dial 911
Lincoln Police & Fire  781-259-8113 (Non-Emergency)

Eversource Electric: 800-592-2000 www.Eversource.com

Verizon: 800-837-4966 www.verizon.com

National Grid:  800-233-5325 www.nationalgridus.com