Lincoln Scholarship Committee


The Lincoln Scholarship Committee administers the information, applicant review, and selection processes for several scholarships and awards available to Lincoln students graduating from secondary schools. The Committee also fundraises on behalf of the Lincoln Permanent Scholarship Fund and mails an annual appeal letter to residents of Lincoln. In recent years, town residents have contributed more than $5000 annually to the Fund. There are three trustees, each of whom is appointed for a three-year term. Current trustees of the Lincoln Scholarship Committee are Lincoln residents Carolyn Dwyer, Aldis Russell, and Carol Lovell Carmody.
 The 2024 application cycle will open February 1, 2024.  Information and links will be open through March 31, 2024.
 The scholarships and awards for which the LSC is responsible include:


  • The Lincoln Permanent Scholarship Fund This fund, established in 1956, offers scholarships to graduating high school seniors that are one-time only and take into account need, academic and extracurricular records.  The perpetuation of the Permanent Scholarship Fund is due in part to the ongoing generosity of Lincoln residents’ response to the Lincoln Scholarship Committee’s annual appeal each spring.
  • The Ogden Codman Trust, which became operational in 1972, is a perpetual charitable foundation established by the Codman family, long-time residents of Lincoln. Its purpose is to benefit the town of Lincoln and its residents in a variety of ways including scholarship support.  They offer two scholarships:
  • The Ogden Codman Scholarship offers $5,000 for each of four years, with academics and need being primary considerations, as well as recommendations and extracurricular activities. Students who apply for this award typically plan to attend four-year colleges or universities.
  • The Codman Opportunity Scholarship offers $2,500 for each of four years, with similar consideration to the Ogden Codman Scholarship, attention to applicant need and academic strength. This award is available to students attending vocational, technical, community college, or four-year higher education institutions.

  • The Harriett Todd Scholarship offers $5,000 per year for up to two years.  This award is open to all students who attended Lincoln Public Schools from at least Grades 5-8 and who graduated from Lincoln-Sudbury or a vocational institution whose tuition was paid by the Town of Lincoln.  The mission of this scholarship is to encourage students pursuing studies and/or training consistent with Harriet Todd's lifetime of devotion to public service and volunteerism, demonstrating both commitment and integrity to a broad range of civic concerns. The award will be given to support students in their studies at post-secondary institutions upon graduation from high school, including a two or four-year college or university, vocational school, or other post-secondary study or certification training program. 


  • The Fanny S. Campbell Award for academic achievement honors Miss Campbell (1868-1960), long a resident of Lincoln. With her gift of $1000.00 in 1956 the Lincoln School Association was able to establish a trust entitled the Lincoln Permanent Scholarship Fund with a mandate to accept gifts for the purpose of "enabling deserving Lincoln children to continue their formal education beyond high school."
  • The Sumner Smith Award for community service honors Sumner Smith (1889-1985) a prominent farmer, businessman, and life-long resident of Lincoln who gave generously of his time to community affairs, serving as a member and chair of the Lincoln Board of Selectmen from 1933 to 1943, and as the Lincoln Water Commissioner for 41 years.


  • December/January, the Committee notifies families of seniors, by mail, of the opportunities available to Lincoln's graduating seniors for scholarships and awards. Contact is also made with Minuteman Regional Technical High School to ascertain whether there are any current Lincoln resident seniors enrolled there.
  • Late January, a reminder about these opportunities and the link to the web for finding them is posted in House Offices at LSRHS and contact is made with Minuteman Regional Technical High School to ascertain whether there are any current Lincoln resident seniors attending. There are also announcements in The Lincoln Talk, The Lincoln Squirrel, the LSRHS Parent Organization calendar and announcements, and the Lincoln School MiniLink, as well as on the Town website home page.
  • February 1, the application process opens.  The LSC website provides updated and detailed information and links to the instructions and the application form for the awards and scholarships.
  • If you have questions, you can contact the members of the Lincoln Scholarship Committee at, or write the LSC at P.O. Box 6283, in Lincoln.
  • Applications for scholarships and awards include references, essays and financial information. All applicant information is kept confidential.   The deadline is noted in the application form. 
  • Completed applications may be submitted one of three ways:
    • Email to the LSC at
    • Mail to the LSC, P. O. Box 6283, Lincoln, MA 01773
    • Deliver to the Superintendent-Principal’s office at LSRHS by 3pm on the application deadline date.
  • The LSC interviews all applicants in late April or early May, at a public location in Lincoln, or via ZOOM, to be confirmed when interviews are scheduled.

Announcement of Awards and Scholarships

Families are notified of their senior being given an award or scholarship by letter from Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, inviting families to attend the Senior awards ceremony. The nature of the award or scholarship is not indicated in the letter.  If the student is not enrolled at LSRHS, then the family is contacted by the Scholarship Committee.

All Awards and Scholarships are announced at the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School Senior Awards Ceremony in early June.

Recipients of the Codman Scholarships are also invited to and recognized at the Annual Codman Trustees dinner in June, following graduation.

Provision of Scholarship Checks

All scholarships are provided in two parts annually, one before the beginning of school, and one following first semester exams, provided the students contact the Committee and provide an update of their school year and confirm intent to return for second semester. Successive updates are required twice annually from all Codman and Todd Scholars for the duration of their respective scholarships.

Fundraising for the Lincoln Permanent Scholarship Fund

In late winter of each year, the LSC sends an appeal to every household in Lincoln for contributions to the scholarship fund. These contributions strengthen the Lincoln Scholarship Fund which enables us to provide support to students who not only have strong academic records, but who also demonstrate financial need. The generous support provided by Lincoln residents in the past is a mark of this community's' pride, loyalty, and commitment to the next generation.

Other Opportunities Available to Lincoln Graduating Seniors

In addition to the Lincoln scholarships there are scholarships available to seniors graduating from Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School (LS) whether resident in Lincoln or Sudbury. These are not managed by the LSC. They include:

  • The Sudbury Foundation's Atkinson Scholarship program, which offers scholarships based on financial need, academic promise and the capacity to make a meaningful contribution to society. Accepted students receive a maximum of $5000 in financial aid and may reapply for assistance annually during their undergraduate education. Check the website for the current deadline. For more information, visit
  • Lincoln-Sudbury Scholarship Fund Dollars for Scholars scholarships are offered to LSRHS students. For more information regarding LSSF Dollars for Scholars, you may visit the LSSF website