Buy Greener Electricity

Choose a Renewable Generation Supplier

Lincoln residents can select their electric resource by choosing an electric generation supplier whose services are billed through Eversource. Many alternatives are available. Mass Audubon members can choose renewable power through their “Make the Switch” program. The Mass Energy Consumers Alliance offers a similar program, with online registration.

Other generation suppliers may also offer renewably-resourced power, but it is important to check the actual percentage of generation to see if it is above the minimum mandated requirements. The MA Department of Public Utilities offers an overview of deregulated markets and you can learn more about renewable energy options at this link.


Many firms will provide a detailed evaluation of the solar potential at your home, for no cost. The Mass Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) offers detailed advice about choosing solar installers.

Buy Solar Panels for Your Home

Many solar companies licensed in Massachusetts can supply and install a system tailored to your home. Some participate in marketing programs that offer additional incentives to homeowners. To qualify for net metering credits, systems must be connected to the electricity grid.

To research solar installers, visit You can also use to get competitive bids from qualified solar installers.

Lease Solar PV Panels Installed on Your House

Most licensed solar companies can also offer financing arrangements. Offers will vary depending upon the system size and location, use of incentives and SRECS, and other factors. You can use to get competitive bids from qualified solar installers.

Join a Community Solar Plan or Renewable Power Co-op

Community solar is new, but rapidly expanding model for residential solar power. Essentially, a company develops a solar facility and sells its output in the form of net-metering credits, a billing mechanism whereby solar power generation (in kWhrs) offsets consumption (in kWhrs) to lower your electric utility bill. Participants must be in the service territory where the installation is located.