Community Center Planning & Preliminary Design Committee (CCPPDC)

At the March 25, 2017 Town Meeting, under Article #35, the Board of Selectmen (BOS) asked the voters to appropriate $150,000 for the purpose of funding a feasibility study and preliminary design development plans for a community center to be located within the Hartwell Complex of the Ballfield Road campus. The proposal was approved by a substantial margin, and received the necessary vote at the ballot so that the funds would be provided through a one-time exclusion from Proposition 2 ½.

To carry out the study, the BOS convened the Community Center Planning & Preliminary Design Committee (CCPPDC). The purpose of the CCPPDC, which worked under the guidance of the Board of Selectmen and in collaboration with the School Building Committee, was to advance the planning of a Community Center to the next stage. This included further definition of the program, the development of a range of site plans, preliminary design development, and more refined cost estimates.

During the process, the CCPPDC built on the work of the 2012, 2015 and 2016 planning committees whose work is summarized in the links to the right. It also collaborated with the School Building Committee to ensure the appropriate alignment of decision points and milestones, so that any proposals are considered within the context of a Lincoln School project and the Ballfield Road campus.

The committee presented their final report to the Board of Selectmen on Thursday, July 19.  A copy of that final report is linked above.

CCPPDC Meeting Schedule

All meetings were held in the Hartwell A Pod, Ballfield Road, Lincoln, MA.  Click here to see Agendas and Meeting Minutes.