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Bemis Hall

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Varying rental rates apply.

Max Occupancy 120

Regulations for the Rental of Bemis Hall

Bemis Hall Rate Sheet Approved 06272022


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Bemis Hall is a building owned and operated by the Town of Lincoln. During evenings and weekends, it is available for Lincoln residents and organizations to rent. During weekdays, Bemis Hall is home to the Lincoln Council on Aging and Human Services and is not available for rentals. 

For directions to Bemis Hall, please click here

The upstairs hall and Map Room may be rented for the following hours:

5 pm through 10 pm Mondays through Thursdays

5 pm through 11 pm on Fridays

8 am through 11 pm on Saturdays

12 pm through 11 pm on Sundays

Entrance and exit should only be made through the front door. All other doors are for Emergency Use only.

The upstairs hall is a 2,000 square foot space with a stage and piano that is appropriate for lectures, concerts, performances, private receptions and parties, business functions, memorial services, and recitals. Wedding receptions and large catered functions are properly held at a facility such as the Pierce House since Bemis Hall has limited parking and kitchen accommodations. 

Consumables and the coffee maker and coffee urn belong to the Council on Aging and Human Services. They are not available for renters’ use. The refrigerator is used by  the COA&HS for program refreshments. You may check with the COA&HS to see if there will be space in the refrigerator, but space may not be available. You may need to bring your refrigerated items in a cooler.
The Map Room is approximately 400 square feet and may be used for small meetings and events of 20 people or fewer. Parties, receptions, presentations, workshops, classes, film-showings, and other activities that involve more than 20 people will be more properly held upstairs. 

Please note that the upstairs hall does not have air conditioning and can be uncomfortably hot mid-June through mid-September.  In the time of COVID, at least one upstairs window on each side of the hall should be opened for air circulation, even in winter.  

The parking lot includes two handicapped parking spaces. Please remember that these need to be reserved for those with handicapped placards or plates.
 Information about fees and regulations are available in the Fees and Regulations for Use of Bemis Hall (see PDF file above). Please review this important document.
 To reserve Bemis Hall, you must fill out a reservation form online. You can request a date and time for your event by going to the calendar below and clicking on "Request Reservation.” The system will indicate if that time is available. You can sign in (it is necessary to create a profile if you do not already have one) and complete the application online. Your reservation will show as pending until Barbara Low, the Bemis Hall Coordinator, receives your checks for security deposit and rental fee (two separate checks). 

According to the regulations attached, the check(s) must be received within 10 days of booking or the request will be declined. The checks should be made out to Town of Lincoln and mailed to Barbara Low, 16 Blueberry Lane, Lincoln, MA 01773. Applicants must also provide the name and phone number of a contact to call early in the morning if the hall has not been properly cleaned and furniture not put back where it belongs. (See paragraph 11 of the Regs.) Until parking is approved and check(s) received, the event shows on the calendar as pending event.

Once you have submitted your reservation form, a copy of your request will automatically be sent to the administrator at the First Parish Church. The administrator will notify Barbara directly if the parking is approved or if there is a conflict. Barbara will approve your reservation after she hears from the church and receives your check(s). If there is a conflict with a church program, you will be contacted to select another time or arrange for parking elsewhere.

If you are unsure if a date is available of if you have trouble reserving online, you may call Barbara at 781-259-8341.  Once events are booked, they show up on the calendar below so you should be able to determine if a time is available.


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