Open Space, Recreation, & Natural Resources


  • Angela Seaborg, Conservation Planner
  • Tom Gumbart, Conservation Director
  • Peter Von Mertens, Conservation Commission
  • Sara Lewis, Conservation Commission
  • Dan Pereira, Recreation Director
  • Richard Nichols, Lincoln Land Conservation Trust
  • Geoff McGean, Rural Land Foundation
  • Sarah Cannon Holden, Board of Selectmen
  • Ephraim Flint, Planning Board
  • Mark Whitehead, Planning Director
  • Rob Loud, Disabilities Commission
  • Diane Haessler, Board of Health
  • Ellen Meadors, Board of Assessors
  • Pete Varga, Cambridge Water Department
  • Joan Mansfield, Community Representative
  • Kim Buell, Community Representative
  • Michele Grzenda, Community Representative
  • Ellen Raja, Community Representative
  • Gary Davis, Community Representative
  • Peg Marsh, Community Representative

About the Open Space, Recreation & Natural Resources Subcommittee

The Open Space and Recreation Plan will serve to re-affirm Lincoln’s core conservation, recreation and agricultural values. It will provide a guiding framework that can be used to maintain and enhance the ‘green infrastructure’ of the community and it will identify pressures and opportunities that may influence the present and future character of Lincoln’s land.