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**Local Election Nomination Papers Available Now - 2024 positions appearing on the ballot

The Annual Town Election in Lincoln occurs on the last Monday of March. Early in January of each year, the Town Clerk’s office produces a roster of those offices which will appear on that year’s election ballot together with the names of the incumbents currently serving in those positions. Nomination papers for those offices are available in the Clerk’s office at that time. In order to secure a place on the ballot, candidates must obtain a certain number of signatures of registered voters of the Town of Lincoln. The number of signatories required varies slightly; it is based on the number of votes cast in the preceding gubernatorial election.

Candidates for local election, even those who make no “significant” expenditures, are required to comply with the filing obligations prescribed by the Office of Campaign and Political Finance before and after the election, and annually for the duration of their service. Don’t worry! The requirements for local candidates are not arduous and we’re here to help. For further information, please refer to the menu on left.