Capital Planning Committee

Mission Statement:

To act as an effective advisory board to review proposed capital projects, and to make annual recommendations to the town regarding proposed expenditures to effect responsible capital planning and budgeting.

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Hours: Meetings held as needed.
Location: 16 Lincoln Rd.
Phone: 781-259- 2603
Fax: 781-259-8735

Committee Members:

Five At-Large Members:

Audrey Kalmus
Robyn Dunbar
Peter Hussey
Maria Hylton
Peter Montero

Four Representative Members:

Jonathan Dwyer – Board of Selectmen representative
Jim Henderson – Conservation Commission representative
Jacquelin Apsler – Library Board representative
Adam Hogue – School Committee representative
Rich Rosenbaum - Finance Committee representative

Service Description:

The fundamental purpose of the Capital Committee shall be to work with the
Finance Committee to enhance the Town’s capacity to identify, prioritize, and
understand the financial implications of capital projects and land acquisitions.

The CapCom shall also review and make recommendations regarding capital
projects and maintenance expenditures that will be funded by annual
appropriations in accordance with the Finance Committee’s annual financial

The CapCom shall develop and consult with the Finance Committee regarding a
long-term Capital Plan that addresses the timing and estimated costs of capital
projects anticipated by the agencies whose budgets are considered by the Town
Meeting, including Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School and the Water